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Exploring Over 55s Living: Is It Right for You?

Updated: Apr 5

An increasing number of people are considering their post-retirement plans, including the wonderful owners at The Grange in Waitara. For some people, moving into an over 55s community and downsizing is enticing. Over 55s or retirement living communities offer a mix of age appropriate and needs-focused amenities and services that support wonderful and fulfilling independent living.  

Before making such a choice, it is important to understand everything about this type of living to truly see whether living in an intentional seniors-oriented community is aligned with your interests and way of life.  

Above all, over 55s villagers provide a sense of community and belonging, which is especially beneficial for people as they age, including those who may be living alone. In these communities, social gatherings, clubs, and group activities are regularly organized, giving residents the opportunities to engage and build strong relationships with their peers. For those who wish to lead an exciting and busy life in their later years, Over 55s communities can be quite attractive as they can assist with improving social isolation and reducing loneliness.  



What does the Grange have to offer?

Residents of The Grange are greeted with a kind and inviting setting, and the lively village lifestyle provides an abundance of amenities and activities that are tailored to meet a range of needs in the community. Even better, many of the time-consuming and arduous chores of looking after a home are now taken care of, which enables people to engage in the things they enjoy most. There is something for every taste and inclination, whether it's relaxing in our lush gardens, a dip in the pool or playing a game of tennis with friends.  

The Grange has a strong sense of community, which is one of its defining characteristics. Owners have a sense of belonging as soon as they move in. Much of the interaction occurs in the numerous community facilities where owners interact with friends and family.  Our residents often comment on the lifelong friendships and deep connections they have made at The Grange.  

The village provides unmatched convenience due to its close access to necessary services and facilities. Situated a short distance away, residents can easily access shops, health services, and transportation alternatives, many of these services within walking distance or a short drive. It is a great advantage knowing everything they need is close by, whether it's a short trip to the neighborhood market or an annual checkup with the doctor.  

The Grange is the perfect place for people looking for an active and rewarding retirement because every element of village life has been carefully planned to improve people’s social connections, well-being and health.  


If you are interested in learning more about The Grange or considering a transition to over 55s living, schedule a tour or reach out to us for a discussion about your circumstances. Check out more at or call us today on (02) 9489 4811. 





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