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Ross & Paulette

The 'Grange Village' offers a welcoming, easy way to an enjoyable lifestyle that you choose for yourself. You don't have to conform to any pre-determined pattern - 'Life is what you make it and The Grange Village makes life easy' . 


The overall beauty and serenity of The Grange allows you to enjoy slowing down as we age, with dignity and mixing with similar folk. It's a place to keep you young and happy, even as we are all slowly getting older. The dinners, films, concerts, bus trips, etc. all combine at frequency to enjoy (or not). It's all up to each and every one here at The Grange. With so many people choosing to live in high-rise with lifts and very meager grass and gardens around them, it seems a no brainer, for we have chosen ALL around us here at The Grange.


There is a definite caring culture and always people checking on each other in times of illness. With the sporting groups, game groups, art group and other activities, you can join in as much, or as little as you like. The availability of having a maintenance and gardening team on site for assistance if required is absolutely ideal. 


I love living at The Grange and all my friends and family know that. I have enjoyed the pool, tennis, bowls, and croquet. The maintenance staff are so helpful (love the blue forms!). The gardener being available on Wednesdays to do private heavy gardening is great. Having suffered a couple of emergencies, the care staff have been amazing, in fact, last year, Janie saved my life! The residents have also been friendly and caring.

Klaus and Carmel

Two or three things most valued when we first moved into The Grange. The beautiful architecture when first sighting Grange House. A beautiful building, the first introduction to its outer look is majestic, not forgetting that it is beautifully designed and maintained. And there the environment of friendliness which begins and continues from reception, through to all the staff, and residents. We love the communication about a host of activities, sports, exercise, gym, movies and games etc.

the grange


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