Privacy Policy

Australian Retirement Partners is an organisation specialising in the management and sales of retirement villages. We are committed to ensuring that the personal information that we collect and hold about individuals is safeguarded and protected. We are also open and transparent about the way we collect and use this personal information. 


Personal information is any sort of information or an opinion about an individual (“Personal Information”). A sub-category of Personal Information is sensitive information. Sensitive information includes information of a particularly sensitive nature, including an individual’s health (physical and mental), genetic information, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a trade union or political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences or criminal record. 


This privacy policy (the “Policy”) sets out the Personal Information that Australian Retirement Partners collects and uses. It also sets out information about your privacy rights and our obligations under Australian and New South Wales laws (“Privacy Law”). 


This Policy does not apply to Australian Retirement Partners employee records. 


1. The kinds of Personal Information we may collect, how it is collected and the purposes for its collection and use 


Information about residents and their authorised representatives 

When you make an enquiry about our services we may collect your name and contact details for the purposes of responding to your query and for our own internal records. 

When we provide you with services we may collect your Personal Information, including sensitive medical information and history. When you are a resident’s authorised representative we may collect your name and contact details. 


We collect this information from our residents, our resident representatives and resident health, community and residential providers. 


We collect and hold resident and resident authorised representatives’ Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing a variety of retirement village management and sales services. These services may include nursing,/care services and in-home maintenance. As part of providing some of these services we may also facilitate the provision of allied health services, such as physiotherapy, podiatry, and audiology. 


Information about our volunteers, agents and contractors 

When you make an enquiry about volunteering opportunities we will collect your name and contact details. We will also collect your days and times of availability so that we can respond to your enquiry appropriately and know the days and times that you are available. 

Once you become a volunteer, agent or contractor for Australian Retirement Partners we will collect your name and contact details, together with information relating to the hours you have worked at Australian Retirement Partners. 

If you are an agent or contractor we may also collect your payment details. In addition, we may collect feedback and surveys from residents and other interested persons relating to the services that you have provided to, or on behalf of Australian Retirement Partners. We may undertake referees and background checks to verify that you are fit to provide services to Australian Retirement Partners. This information is collected to ensure we provide the highest possible level of services to our residents and the community. It is also collected for our internal business records. 


Information about our job applicants 

When you apply for a job we will collect the Personal Information that you supply to us. We may also collect information resulting from referee and background checks. This information is solely used for the purposes of determining your suitability for the position you have applied for. 


Information about payers 

When you pay an invoice to Australian Retirement Partners we will collect the payer name and the amount or nature of the payment for our accounting records and for the purposes of facilitating payment of our accounts. 


2. Direct marketing 


Unless you have requested information or material about our business or our services, Australian Retirement Partners does not use any Personal Information for the purposes of direct marketing. You may opt out of receiving any marketing information from Australian Retirement Partners at any time by telephoning our reception on 1300 879 044 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. 


3. When and to whom Australian Retirement Partners may disclose your Personal Information? 


Unless required or authorised by law, Australian Retirement Partners will not disclose your Personal Information to third parties unless we have your consent or the disclosure is directly connected with the primary purpose of collection and you would reasonably expect us to disclose the Personal Information for such purposes. For example, we may disclose your personal information to suppliers (such as residential and community care providers and operators) of goods and services that you have requested. 

Unidentified Personal Information is also sent to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for statistical purposes. 


4. The quality and accuracy of Personal Information that we hold 


Australian Retirement Partners ensures to the extent reasonably required that Personal Information that it holds about an individual is kept accurate, up-to-date and complete. 


5. Security and retention of records 


Australian Retirement Partners stores Personal Information safely and securely. Hardcopy Personal Information is stored in locked filing cabinets that are housed in secure rooms at our premises. All electronically stored Personal Information is secured through a range of mechanisms such as passwords. We ensure that it is only authorised staff at Australian Retirement Partners that has security access to Personal Information. 

We only keep Personal Information for as long as it is required either for our business purposes or by law. 


6. Anonymity 


Due to the nature of the services that Australian Retirement Partners provides, in most situations it will not be practicable for us to deal with individuals anonymously or through the use of a pseudonym. However, you may make a request to deal with us anonymously or through the use of a pseudonym and we will consider your request on a case by case basis. An example of a situation where we might permit you to deal with us anonymously is where you are making an enquiry about our services or volunteering opportunities. 


7. How you may access and correct Personal Information held by Australian Retirement Partners? 


At any time, an individual may make a written request for access and/or correction of Personal Information that we hold. The purpose of us collecting and retaining the Personal Information may also be queried. 


If you find that any Personal Information held about an individual is out of date, inaccurate or incomplete, please contact us and we will take reasonable steps to either correct this information or, if necessary, discuss alternative action with you. 


There is no charge for making a request for access or correction of Personal Information. However, Australian Retirement Partners may charge a fee if you request a copy of resident records. 


Requests for access and/or correction of Personal Information should include sufficient details so that we can identify the individual that our records relate to. If a person other than the resident is seeking access to Personal Information, they must accompany their request with evidence of the person’s identity and their authority to access or correct the information. 


Written requests should be addressed to: 

Executive Assistant 

Australian Retirement Partners

PO Box 613

Round Corner NSW 2158


8. Is any Personal Information disclosed to overseas recipients? 


Unless authorised by law or by you, we will not disclose any Personal Information to overseas recipients. If a situation arises where we need to disclose your Personal Information to an overseas recipient we will obtain your consent to do so. 


9. Website Browsing 


Accessing Australian Retirement Partners’ website ( will result in some information being logged, including the time of access, your IP address, and the pages viewed or accessed. This information cannot be used for identification purposes. 

Australian Retirement Partners’ website may contain links to external websites. Australian Retirement Partners is not responsible for the content or privacy policies that govern these websites. 


10. Access to this Policy 

You can request a free copy of this policy by telephoning our reception on 1300 879 044 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. 


11. Complaints 


All complaints relating to the handling and management of Personal Information, including any alleged breach of Australian privacy law or this Policy should be addressed to: 

The Director

Australian Retirement Partners

PO Box 613



So that we can deal with the complaint appropriately, please accompany your complaint with the following information: 

· a summary of the privacy concern or alleged breach including, if applicable details of which resident the breach relates to 

· any action, or inaction, that Australian Retirement Partners has taken, or failed to take, in relation to the issue 

· copies of any relevant documents associated with the complaint, including email communications that Australian Retirement Partners may have made with you. 


Australian Retirement Partners treats complaints very seriously and will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 5 business days. If a breach is found, we will immediately take steps to rectify the breach. 

If you are dissatisfied with our response you may take your complaint further to the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner (Ph. 1300 363 992) or the New South Wales Information Privacy Commission (Ph. 1800 472 679). 


12. Further Information 


If you would like further information about your privacy rights and our legal obligations you may visit the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s 20141203 



Privacy Policy implemented at The Grange by their  Manager – ARP